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HELP with the Data entry
= It won't work for me ! =

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For Sale - Canada Help with Data Entry For Sale - Canada

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  • 1.  It advances to the next page before I'm ready !  
    Always remember to use your mouse to select each new box for data entry.  Never press the 'ENTER' key on your keyboard.  You do not have to fill in the various boxes in order, just 'click' your mouse inside the particular entry box where you want to type, and then type in your information at the flashing cursor.
    The only place that you can safely use the 'ENTER' key is inside one of the large rectangular text entry boxes - when you want a new line for a new paragraph.  Otherwise, don't use it.
    When you're finished doing all the entries on a particular page, use your mouse to 'click' on the large rectangular "Proceed" button near the bottom of the page.  Do NOT press the 'Enter' key on your keyboard !
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  • 2.  I loose existing information when I go back a page !
    Never use the 'Back' or 'Forward' commands or buttons that are located at the top of your Browser application (on it's own ToolBars).  Never 'Right Click' with the mouse to get 'Back'.  These are surefire ways to loose of all of your previously entered information on any multipage form.
    Always use the graphical 'Back' and 'Proceed' buttons that are displayed as part of the BusinessSellCanada web page.  To go back a page, just 'click' on the oval (round) red 'Back' button graphics (icon).  It'll be located near the bottom of the page below the 'Proceed' button (and occasionally also again near the top of the page).  Use your mouse to 'click' on the button - and wait - until the new (previous) page forms up again completely on your screen.  If you need to go back 2 screens (pages), don't think that you can click on the same 'Back' button twice in a row.  Take your time and let the new screen form up completely, and then click again on it's own 'Back' Button.  That way, your previously entered data will always re-appear for you in the appropriate entry boxes - automatically for you as you go along.
    Once you've finished going back, then you must then 'click' on the rectangular 'Proceed' buttons at the bottom of each page - in order to proceed forward once again.  Even if you haven't made any changes to a page, you still need to click on each page's own 'Proceed' button in turn in order to advance ahead to the next page.
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  • 3.  I keep getting messages that my entries are wrong !
    If the message says that something is 'Required' then please type something into that particular data entry box.  If you really don't know what else to say, you can always say: "Contact the Seller for details."
    If the message says that there is a problem with the information that you've already typed in, then please read over the text in that particular data entry box to ensure that it's properly written.  Please do not try to use fancy keyboard characters within the text entry areas, just type in simple A to Z, 0 to 9, letters and numbers.
    If the message says that it's too long, the computer will usually shorten the text for you automatically, but you might not like how it has chopped the sentence, so please read it over again - and re-correct it or re-compose it so that it reads properly.
    If all else fails, simply type whatever it seems to want in the particular entry box - and then email us (after you've completed the whole New Listing form) with specific instructions to change -whatever- back to what you really wanted to say.  This is usually most often the problem with some particular long email addresses.
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  • 4.  I got part way into entering my info, and something crashed !
    If your computer hiccups, or your ISP burps, or our website flickers while you're entering your ad info - you probably lost all the information that you had entered up to that point, and with it perhaps some of your creativity.
    The solution to this unfortunate occurrance is to start again and this time, do a "quick" pass through the entry screens, and only put in the information that is really required - or even just type a few letters in the large text entry boxes.  Continue on through all of the 3 screens, and complete the ad - and the website will then assign you a "Listing Number".  You will then have a stable ad and stable text.
    Then - you can go back into "Sell a Business" and "Seller Services" and, at your leisure, extend and expand on the descriptions in the: Features, Market, Competition, Included, Excluded, and Optional entries.  You can make as many edits as you like this way, and you can see how the ad is looking, and then edit it again until you're happy with what it says.  No more chance of loosing it all.
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  • 5.  I've tried everything - It still isn't working for me !
    For you, we have the Ultimate Solution.  Simply fill in your email address in the box below, and we'll email you a copy of the 'Work Sheet' that you can then use at your leisure on your own computer; and type in all of the information necessary to describe your business For Sale.  Then, when you're ready, you can just email the completed worksheet back to us, and we'll do all of the on-site data entry for you (according to what you've typed in on the Work Sheet).
    YES - Please E-MAIL me the 'New Listing Work Sheet'.
    My E-mail address is:

    ( We do not spam your email address. )

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If we've solved your problem, you can now proceed to Enter your business "For Sale" listing right now ....

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