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Choose a User Name for yourself, usually you just use your own first name or nickname.   It should be from 4 to 12 characters or numbers long.   You will need to remember this name for future access to your Listing.



Enter a "Password" for yourself.   Look at what the "Hints" are and choose an appropriate one.   The Password should be from 8 to 16 characters or numbers long.   Just use regular alphabet letters, numbers, punctuation and spaces.   You will need to remember this password for future access to your Listing.  Please note that the password that you enter is not stored anywhere in clear English - so we are not able to actually tell you again what it was - hence the need for the "hint" to help you remember.
Notice - that you have an option here to "Remember" your Password for you.   Please Un-Check this box if you do not want this Password recorded (on your own computer) for your own help in the future, or if you are using a 'public' computer at a library or cafe.


Promotion Code:

For most people, this field is Optional and should be left blank.
However, if you did receive a "Promotion Code" as part of an e-mail offer, then please enter that code here.


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Enter the URL of your website here - where you have placed a link back to  This web link to us is required for you to qualify for your FREE (2 month) Business-For-Sale ad here.
The link on your site should look something like:
"We use for the sale of our Canadian Businesses"

The entry in the text box here should say something like:
If you keep getting error messages - simply type in something easy like: "" and we'll correct it later.

Thank you for listing your Business For Sale at: BusinessSellCanada.