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Title for the Listing:

This is where you need to have a relatively short but succinct description of what the business actually is.   Be enthusiastic but honest.   This is the descriptive text that a potential purchaser sees when your listing comes up in response to his search.   You have 80 characters maximum to encourage him to look further at the "details" of your own business (as compared to someone else's).   Please do not use all capital letters or any unusual characters.

Business Location:

Here, you enter the first 3 characters of the Canadian Postal Code for the business.   If the business is "Relocatable" (see below), then it won't really matter what Postal Code you choose for entry here, except that it is also used to indicate the Province (or part) that the business is currently located in.   Note: this vagueness of location is done intentionally so as not to jeopardize the current business operation when customers and employees find out about your sale prematurely.   If you are not concerned about casual browsers knowing the location of your Business For Sale, then you can state it somewhere else later in one of the following text description boxes.   If the business is "Relocatable" and you really don't want to reveal what province it's currently operating in, then use a Postal Code starting with the letter "Q" like: "Q0A" and the Province line will simply say: "Canada".


Can the Business be relocated to anywhere in Canada without a significant change to its operation ?   This is a Yes/No question and is usually answered as "No".   To be relocatable, the business must be something like a home business or mail-order business where the only contact with the customer is by phone/mail/e-mail - there is no building structure that your customers would ever need to see, and no reason whatsoever that it is currently located where it is.

Primary & Alternate Business Categories:

These are category descriptions that describe the general class for your type of business.   Please make both a first and second choice of the descriptions that best classify your type of business.   Your choices here are important because a prospective purchaser may decide to only look at certain types of businesses.   Try to choose one that is quite general, and the other one more specific.

Asking Selling Price:

Enter the price (in Canadian dollars - no pennies) that you want for the sale of the business.   This should be the price that you want for the main/principal part of the business.   If there are portions of the business that are optional and/or extra, you will have a chance later to list these with their additional prices.

Your E-mail Address:

This is your own e-mail address.   It must be a real valid address.   It will be used by BusinessSellCanada to correspond with you - and for the initial enquiries from prospective purchasers.   Please remember to check your e-mail regularly - at least once a day while your listing is current - as purchasers may wander off to other listings if you don't respond to them promptly.   If for some reason your listed e-mail address becomes inoperative, please contact us immediately - or change it yourself on the listing.   Listings with inoperative e-mail addresses or "Full" mailboxes will be removed without warning and much of your listing time will be lost !

Business Owner or Broker/Agent:

This is where you declare if you are the "Owner" of the Business being sold, or if you are a "Broker" or "Agent" working for the business Owner.   In general, if you are not the actual owner of the company, then you are a Broker/Agent.   If you are required by law to make a further declaration in this regard, please include it in one of the descriptive paragraphs following.


Internet URL of the Web Site for the Business:

This is an optional listing field and you can leave it blank if you like.   However, if your business has a Web site, and if you want to permit purchasers to browse through that site, then list it here.   You must enter the complete URL starting with "http://www. ..etc..".   Please check your site first to make sure that there is no information on it that you wouldn't want a prospective purchaser to know initially: such as a telephone number - or a street address.

Internet URL of a Picture of the Business:

This is an optional listing field and you can leave it blank if you like.   However, if there is a picture of your business (or perhaps of your product) that is already on the Web, you may want to allow it to be shown here.   You will need to enter a complete URL starting with "http://www. ..etc..", and ending with ".gif" or ".jpg".   The picture should be about 400 to 600 pixels wide in order to display properly.   Please consider this as a very positive feature of your listing.   Purchasers like to see a picture of your business or product.   If you have difficulty in getting the picture to display properly, then please e-mail us afterwards with the details, and we'll help.

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