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Established Canadian businesses - For Sale by Owner - in Canada


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Yes, that's right - during our special offer period, Business Sell Canada is offering you a FREE two month (61 day) "Canadian Business For Sale" Ad listing on this website.
All you have to do is create a Web Link back to us from your own website.
(Some obvious conditions apply)
For example, the link might say:
This business is listed for sale on
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See to sell your businesses.
                                - or - has Canadian businesses For-Sale
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The HTML Code for your webpage would look like:
<a href="" title="Canadian Businesses For Sale">This business is listed for sale on</a>

(Cut-and-Paste the above text into your webpage)
If you are not familiar with HTML code for adding links to a website page - you may need to ask your web designer to help you.  Ask him to look at this page:
If your website pages are created by some sort of automatic process, just "Create a Link" to on your home page.
You can even link to a graphics that you show on your web-site:
For Sale on BusinessSellCanada
(Right-click or Ctrl-click & "Save Picture As")

The HTML Code for your webpage would look like:

(Cut-and-Paste the above text into your webpage)


  How do we do it ...  

Business Sell Canada wants to promote this rapidly growing website, so all that we are asking is that you help us spread the word about it and, at the same time, encourage the sale of your own valuable business.   Tell your website visitors about us here at
Note: If your business still hasn't been sold within this Free 2 month term, you will then receive a 'Renewal Request' eMail from us, and you can choose either to pay for an additional 2 month term ($33+GST), or you can erase your ad at that time, at no further cost.

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