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BusinessSellCanada specializes in Selling Businesses listed "For Sale" in Canada.
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What Will You Tell Your Grandchildren
about the Good Old Days?
An article by Noel Peebles

When your children or grandchildren ask about "The Good Old Days" and what you were doing in the first decade of the new century... those times of great prosperity... that "Golden Age Of Opportunity" "The Greatest Entrepreneurial Boom In History"... what will you tell them? What were you doing?
Did you capitalize on the wealth that was being created all around you? Will you tell them how you positioned yourself to take advantage of the opportunities that abounded? Or will you explain that you decided not to take part, or how you just missed out?
We've all looked upon the past as being "the good old days" those times when life seemed so much easier, less complex when life was slower, safer and less competitive than what we are faced with today.
Those were the times when the best opportunities existed all the best opportunities were snapped up years ago werenít they? And what about the little guy in business, the small entrepreneur he doesnít have a chance anymore against the powerful resources and might of those giant international corporate firms does he (or she)?
Don't believe it!
Almost every week without fail someone says to me something like "you were lucky you started in the direct marketing business when you did there were lots of opportunities then itís too late now, by the time I get started the market will be flooded."
It always makes me smile, because when I first started in that business, the same thoughts had gone through my mind. The fact is
We are surrounded by opportunities, but most people donít recognize them. For example, there are far more opportunities in direct marketing (and internet marketing) today, especially for the small guy, than I have ever known there to be in the past.
In 20 years from now people will look back and wish that they could have started a business, invested money, bought shares or property during the early years of the new century, when there were so many new opportunities.
Those really were "The Good Old Days", and the exciting reality is we are living in them. HERE! NOW! Youíll be able to tell your grandchildren all about them!
As author Maxwell Maltz once said - "What is opportunity, and when does it knock? It never knocks. You can wait a whole lifetime, listening, hoping, and you will hear no knocking. None at all. You are opportunity, and you must knock on the door leading to your destiny. You prepare yourself to recognize opportunity, to pursue and seize opportunity as you develop the strength of your personality, and build a self-image with which you are able to live - with your self-respect alive and growing."
© Noel Peebles - author of "Sell Your Business The Easy Way"


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