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Each "Business For-Sale" Listing entry is individually reviewed at the time of it's submission - before it is enabled for public viewing on the site.   All listings are accepted solely at the discretion of  BusinessSellCanada.
We do NOT accept listings for businesses or business activities which are X-Rated or P0RN0GRAPHIC; or include hate, racism, violence, witchcraft, sorcery or any other distasteful or unprofessional activity -- regardless of the legality of operating such a business in Canada.   This website is rated as: "FAMILY VIEWING".
We ONLY accept listings of businesses for sale which are established and are currently active going-concerns, including franchise re-sales.   We do NOT accept listings for businesses which are not yet established such as: "NEW" Franchises / "NEW" Territories / "NEW" Dealerships / "NEW" Websites - or - business concepts which are currently still just unopened new "Business Opportunities".
Businesses must have at least 6 months of financial records of their actual sales and expenses that can be made available for review by 'qualified' buyers.
There is a $33.00 (Cdn) fee charged for listing your business for sale on this site.  Each listing ad is for the sale of a single business and canít be re-used for the sale of another different business later on.

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BusinessSellCanada is not responsible for the accuracy of the information shown
in any of the "Business For Sale" listings.  The Buyer should contact the Seller
directly and verify the accuracy of all information to his own satisfaction.

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