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Market High-Quality Educational Materials from your Home

Iím negotiating with a potential buyer and am hopeful of completing the sale.  If it doesnít work out, I will most likely relist.  Have been very pleased with the number of enquiries Iíve received from this listing.  Thanks.  B.


= SOLD =
A Well Established, Enjoyable & Profitable Retail & Web Business

Very many thanks for all your help!  The best site for selling a business in Canada!
      from Vancouver Island


Profitable Metal Art & Sculpture business - SOLD

Our metal sculpture business sold last week, to a couple from Ontario.  Thanks to your great website we had several interested parties and found a couple who were a perfect match for our business.  I have been letting a number of people know about your wonderful website, how easy it is to use and how effective it is.  ... Wishing prosperity, health and happiness.......
      from British Columbia


... many responses from across Canada ...

Hi Mike,
We have sold our business with the help of your website.  We have nothing but good to say about your business.  We had many responses from across Canada.  Many thanks.
      Kathy and Craig, Stratford, Ontario


... Had a Glut of Buyers ...

Hey Mike....
Yes, you can mark this listing SOLD!!  Strange how it goes, but we had a glut of buyers at the last minute.  Regardless, the next chapter awaits us, whatever that is...  Thank you, and take care.  I will recommend your service to others!
      Sandy, formerly of Five Islands Ocean Resort

... Had a Great Response ...

I have just received a letter of intent this evening to purchase the business.  Provided everything goes OK I will no longer need to advertise with your company.  I've had great response using your company and I will certainly recommend your company to anyone else that may need it.
Thanks for everything!
      Byron - Home business repairing medical/dental equipment

-- Wonderful Exposure --

Thank you for the wonderful exposure. I received a lot of interest.  This is the only site I trust to sell my businesses.  I'm in the offer stage of selling so I no longer need the ad.  Thank you again for being a great site for Canadian business owners.
      Sylvia - Established Profitable Education Centre for Sale
            - SOLD -

-- Received Excellent Value --

We would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding customer service and support we received from you.  You were extremely generous with your time and expertise which made our experience of listing on your site such a stress free one.  We were pleasantly surprised at the number of inquiries we received on our listing and the exposure our listing received. We certainly received excellent value for the minimal amount we paid to advertise on your site.  We definitely have no reservations recommending your site to our friends and family.
      Jan - Exceptional Income Property             - SOLD -

-- Will certainly recommend your service --

Our business has not sold yet but it appears that we have a buyer so we will let our ad lapse for now and renew it at a later date if the deal falls through.  Thank you very much for offering such a good service.  We had many good leads during the time that we ran our ad with your organization and we will certainly recommend your service to others.
      Devon - Profitable Food Distribution Business

-- Sold within Two Weeks --

Thank you Business Sell Canada for listing our business for sale.  Within hours we had a few qualified leads and within one week we had face to face meetings with two offers.  We eventually closed the deal, with funds in my account within two weeks of listing.
      Wayne - Web Design, Development and Mobile App Company

-- Many Solid Leads --

What a great website! Thank you so much for your great service. I entered into this site with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by the response I received. I had 12 solid leads within the first couple of weeks, my buyer being the second enquiry. I swear I could have sold the business 2 or 3 times over! Thanks again for the super service and please feel free to use this endorsement and use my name as a reference.
      Jim McDermid - Tool & Cutter Grinding Business

-- Inundated with requests --
Just to let you know our business is sold subject to contract, with deposit paid. So, we can remove the listing, or mark it Sold.
We would just like to thank you, and would recommend this service to any of your future clients looking to sell their business. For your info we have been inundated with requests for info from purchasers through the website, and have had trouble keeping up with the requests and qualifying potentials.
We wish you every success with your business. Thanks.
      John & Toni M. at LavenderHills of *Brighton*

-- A resource for Canadian businesses --
Hi Mike:
Our business has finally sold thanks to your web site.
We are so grateful to have you as a resource for Canadian businesses.
Thanks again,   Karen - Commercial HVAC Business
                                - SOLD -

-- Show them this testimonial --
We have sold our business!!  100% Thanks to you and your site.  I would recommend that any one wishing to sell a business lists it here with BusinessSellCanada.  When the inquiries start rolling in (and they will) forward them to your realtor for follow-up.  Once again thanks for all your help and any time anyone wants a reference for your site show them this testimonial.
Could not have done it without you.
Regards,   Ron
- Hotel, Pub, Restaurant and Marina on B.C. Sunshine Coast
                                - SOLD -

-- Highly recommend you and your site --

Hello Mike and thank you for all your help.  Your creation of your site has helped us.  We have spoken to a number of people that found us through your site.  We also had a posting with a US company and it has also helped us.  At this point we are in negotiations with a number of different interested buyers so we will not be renewing the posting.  I thank you once again for the free months as well.  I would highly recommend you and your site to others and if you ever need me for a reference, please feel free to contact me.
Best regards,   Kevin / Valves & Controls
                                - SOLD in less than 4 mths -

-- Advertise again in a heartbeat --

Hi Mike:
I would like to thank you for all your assistance in advertising my unique boat manufacturing business .. We are the only manufacturer in the world using this very specialized Lapstrake process.  We may have found a buyer out of the woodwork.  If this all fails I do hope that you might keep our info on file, because I would advertise with you again in a heartbeat..
Regards,   Dave / Henley Boats
                                - SOLD -

-- 5X the Responses --

Thanks Mike
It hasn't officially closed yet, but it's looking good.
It's worth noting... We paid $300 to list elsewhere and got 1/5 of the responses that we did from your site.
The Brewer's Market - Bring Brewing Home
P.S. - I'm sure you gathered this, but this business has also been sold through a contact from your site.   Charge more!
                                - SOLD in a month -

-- Mobile Pet Grooming --

If youíre looking to sell your business, look no further than Business Sell Canada!  I canít say enough about how easy it was to use the site and Mike was downright amazing when it came to customer service.  He even made suggestions to help us create a much better ad than we would have on our own.  And the business sold within 2 months - in fact, we were getting responses within 24 hours!
I really appreciated the amount of information we were able to provide within the ad.  Saved us hours of answering the same questions from everyone.
Mike, you have a fabulous site here and I would never hesitate to recommend it to anyone considering selling their business in Canada !
One Eyed Dog
                                - SOLD easily in 2 months -

-- The Right Buyer --

We found a buyer right away on Business Sell Canada, and I was very happy with everything about their service.  It felt like I was dealing with a real advertising company, not just some random website.  I really like that it only advertises real businesses in existence, too.  The website was full of useful information about getting our business ready for sale and how to negotiate with potential buyers. 
In addition to all those reasons why we chose to advertise with them, it was one of the top listings on Google.  My buyer was a foreigner looking for an opportunity in Saskatchewan, and of all the sites we posted to, this was the only one we got a response from.  My listing on this website was well worth the small investment.  I highly recommend it to anyone who's ready to sell their business.
Jennifer Brooke Fox
Home Trends on Second
                                - SOLD easily in 4 months -

A Bouquet to BusinessSellCanada!

This comes as a big 'Thank You!' to BusinessSellCanada for a huge boost to our recent asset sale efforts.  We would never have had so many responses, or succeeded so well, had it not been for the careful design of the BusinessSellCanada website, with the categories so efficiently co-ordinated as to make either Buying or Selling a business simple and easy procedure; or the ready availability of personalized help and tips for drafting or improving our ads, by the friendly and courteous Manager, Mike Merritt.
We would most certainly use the service again, and highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy or sell a small business.  The criteria are already in place - no endless searching to locate an entry in the price range or locality we want. At least 3/4 of the footwork has already been done for us, so that either finding or placing an ad is painless - even fun!
Thank you, - for being there!
Gail Rieger
                                - SOLD in less than a month -

-- Sold his 2nd business too --

Thanks Mike for providing an excellent vehicle with your business "Business Sell Canada" website.  I found it easy to use, economical and sold my business shortly after listing with you.  This is the second business we've sold through your website and I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a business to sell.
Thanks again Mike.
Bob Vince
  - Audio/Video Store in Stouffville -

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your great site. I have recommended it to my brother for their future sale. I had about a half a dozen calls - some more interest than others. Right now, we are in the middle of the season of running it, so selling it is not something I can begin to figure out how to do.
I appreciate how easy you made it to list and how extremely affordable it was, also.
  - Thriving turn-key gardening business -

Thanks for the help!! Your site provided lot's of interest in our company and we sold it right away.
  Aluminum ATV Riser, Ramp & Accessory Fabrication Business   - SOLD in 10 days -

Hi Mike,
Listed business with a large potential customer area and sold the business to the guy next door, (almost). But he saw it on this site. Money well spent. - Marvin.
  Well established flag / flagpole business for sale   - SOLD -

I would recommend your site to anyone looking to sell a business. I was getting a bit better than an inquiry a day from my ad, and most were qualified buyers.
  Family Fun Centre - bowling alley - minigolf - ticket arcade
    - SOLD -

We had numerous responses from this ad and I would and have recommended it to many others for advertising.  Thanks.
-   Profitable Organic business on acreage - SOLD -

We just sold our business!   Thank you very much for providing such an awesome website to those of us selling a business.
This website rocks!!!
I will recommend it to anyone selling a business.   Please list our business as 'SOLD'.
Thanks again :-)         -   Pet Treats Bakery

I have a serious buyer for the first business and we will see what happens.  Honestly your site generates a good number of leads.
- Magazine Publisher

Hi Mike,
Thank-you so much for you understanding and patience on putting this on hold for me.  The business has officially sold and closes this week, so I won't be re-newing this Ad.
Your service has been very user-friendly, professional in all aspects and a great tool for the small business owner.
I will definely recommend your platform to everyone and wish you all the best of success in your pursuits.
 The Best in Fish and Chips - 42 Years of Success

Thank you for your useful services.  I advertised in various places and ways, including trade publications, and received many enquiries.  But your website gave the most responses, and a contact from your website has successfully bought the business.
Got my asking price, too.
I hope that the other business I have listed with you will sell soon also.
Thanks, again,
Busy Profitable Printing Business

Hi Mike,
This business has been SOLD and the new owners are leasing the premises from us making this a very satisfactory transaction.
Thank you for your webpage, as it has served us very well resulting in many inquiries and interest coming our way with little effort on our part.
We bargained on two years to sell this business by which time we will both be turning 60 and ready for early retirement.  Your Webpage allowed us to reach our goal one year earlier than expected.
Listing with local realty agents resulted in very little response in comparison to our Business Sell Canada listing.  And so once again, we both thank you.
Gaynor & Klaus B.
 ( Sign Company - Profitable business with income property included! )

Hi Mike,
Just to let you know that our business did actually sell and closed late yesterday.  For your records we listed our business on only one Internet site .... yours.  We decided to see what results we would get with your listing before we tried print advertising but as it tuned out we had no need to advertise further.  We only had one suitable contact but he was all we needed and eventually turned into our buyer.
As remarkable as it seems - we sold our business for only about $35.00 (in advertising costs).  We haven't yet received our legal bill but, as far as advertising Mike your site was the way to go.
Thanks again and please feel free to now stamp our listing ' Sold ' and please feel free to use this email to convince others to try your site.
Kind regards,
Bob V.
Loudspeaker Manufacturing & Sales - $250,000.00

Hello Mike,
This is to say thank you and also to share with you a good news that our business has been sold within less then three months from first day of our advertising.  Your site has been generating the most inquiries of all selling resources we have tried so far, and, even more important, the most of serious inquiries.
In the last three months we have tried The Toronto Star ($40.00 per one day in the week) and another two private agencies that charged us $400.00 and another $100.00 respectively.  Needless to say, they did not do anything.
It seems that your listings give impressions of credibility, a serious opportunity for both buyers and sellers.  For that reason I will recommend it to anyone I know who will be in situation to either look for the business to buy or to sell one.  Your pricing is more than reasonable, and your professional attitude admirable.
So again, thank you Mike very much, and wish you a good luck with your business venture(s) in the future.
Warm Regards,
Eliana T.
Massage Therapy Clinic, Toronto


  Well run Site .....  

Thanks Mike.
I have had a lot of positive responses and current 2 serious prospects which I am exchanging info with regularly.
Will renew again - just in case !
Your website is well run !!  Thanks again !     Rene B.
We have utilized this particular website for a couple of years now and it has been a very positive experience for our office.  We find the site is well-run .... and the person responsible for running the site is always on top of things and very concerned that the buyers who come through the site, as well as the sellers and brokers who are listing businesses on the site, are pleased with their experience.   (Business Broker in Toronto)


  Fabulous / Fantastic .....  

My business has now sold and the closing is next week. I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic website.
I had a few dozen serious inquiries regarding my business for sale and it has sold in just under 3 months.
Thanks again Mike for the wonderful service you provide!   (M.L. - Travel Agency for sale in BC)
Hi Mike! I just wanted to say what a fabulous website BusinessSellCanada is!  Within a week my business basically sold 3 times over (of course I had to choose one firm offer though! LOL).   (Dog collar & leash business)
Your site is fantastic.  I have been a bit overwhelmed by the interest through your site.  I have a buyer through common area business that is going to take over things, but man I could have sold it a few times through this site.  I would definitely recommend it.   (Deck construction - Alberta)


  Enquiries the First Day - SOLD in a week .....  

I just wanted to say thank you and that your site is great!  My business sold in a week thanks to the listing on your site.  I had a ton of inquiries also.  Thanks again!  I will be sure to tell others about your site.     J-L Online Baby Boutique
I cannot believe the response I received over your website.  I had enquiries the day I posted and now it has been just over a week and the business has Sold.     Thanks.     Jesse
It looks like I am selling to a buyer who saw my ad the first week it ran on your website.  It was the least expensive way of advertising and yielded the best results !     = SOLD =   Angie (Kinderdance)
It's with pleasure that I encourage other business owners to advertise their business sale opportunities on Business Sell Canada.
We have been fortunate to meet a potential buyer shortly after placing our ad.  Though it took a few months to complete the deal; it would not have come to successful completion without Business Sell Canada.  Thanks again and I would not hesitate to use your services again in the future if the need were there.      = SOLD =   Leo (franchise restaurant for sale)


  Inquiry from England .....  

Wanted to let you know that I have had an inquiry from England on this listing.... The prospective buyer is visiting the country soon and wants to check this out.... Thank you for putting it out there.   S.L. (Ontario realtor)


  3 and even more - Interested Buyers .....  

We have three parties interested in the business, thanks to your advertising !   R.M. from Alberta
I am now dealing with four interested buyers, one in Hong Kong and one in Norway, the other two being local.  Your service has been greatly appreciated as I look forward to actually having a chance to enjoy my retirement years.   S.A. from B.C.
    ---  Pizza Restaurant  ---
Just for your information, I have advertised in the Western Investor Newspaper, Vancouver Province, and Sun, a Calgary newspaper, as well as a similar website as yours (can't remember the name, it's mainly for Alberta and BC.) Your site outperforms all of those combined by far.  I currently have at least 4 very interested parties which we are negotiating with, as well as a few that have not worked out, all through your site.  My commercial realtor has been impressed with these results, and should start using your site shortly for his other listings.   Gerry


  A steady stream .....  

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the use of the website, and we have decided to take the business off the market, the site has produced a steady flow of enquiries since listing and has been our primary source of potential buyers.  We wish you well with your web site and good luck for the future, Thanks Again       John & Toni at LavenderHills
Thanks for the great service.  Business Sell Canada generated a steady stream of interest in my business and ultimately led a buyer to me who has now purchased the business.  Your service was a much better option than the expensive and undefined competition that is out there.  I would gladly recommend your service to anyone.     Regards,   O.T. from B.C
I received an overwhelming response, sometimes to the point of harassment.   W.W. - Re/Max Sales Rep.
    ---  Little Caesars Pizza  ---
Thank you for all of your help.  90% of my contacts, including the final purchase one, came through your website.
I have been using a commercial realtor for my sale, and he is surprised at the number of contacts that I have received from this site, and subsequently refer on to him.  He is now using your site for advertising his other clients businesses.  I am confident that my business would not have sold nearly as quickly without using your site.   G.S. (Little Caesars Pizza owner)


  I'm very happy .....  

Is it possible to leave my ad on for another week or so; I will know for sure by then if it's a go! The potential buyer is someone who saw my ad on this site!!
I had the business listed with a broker for a month before putting up my own ad on this site; I'm very happy that I did.   D.C. (Brampton, Ont)
Thank u very much for your site.  My buz sold at exactly what I wanted - got lots of exposure from any prospective clients.  Thanks I am glad I advertised on your site.  Well worth the time to advertise on it.   P.B. Marketing/Sales Manager (Computer company in Ontario)
I want to say thank you, your web site has helped me sell my business.   Herbal Magic Center, Thornhill, ON
Thanks directly to Business Sell Canada, I was successful in selling one of our plants.  We had several calls and they were all serious buyers.  Furthermore most of our offers were witnessed though Business Sell Canada, I am very satisfied and will continue to use your site for my next project.   Knitted sportswear trimmings manufacturer (Quebec)


  The Winner .....  

I just wanted to say that your site was the best of the many that I used.  It had the most hits and the most inquiries.  I also enjoyed the personal touch from your emails and reply's.  Thanks again   Gil - Sheridan Park Resort (fishing resort)
Weíre closing this week thanks to our listing with you.  I advertised on one other site, and thru a publication but your vehicle proved to be The Winner.  Thanks for your services!   Jason W. - Kid's Photography Business


  Excellent Service .....  

I have changed my focus and will be keeping the business another year. Thanks for a great service. I did have one very promising lead generated from Business Sell Canada, and I appreciate the ease of using the service, and the low cost to list. I'll be listing with you again.     Bus Charter and Shuttle Business
I have sold my business and just want to thank you for the excellent job your website did for me.  I would recommend using your website to anyone selling their business.  Thanks again - Wayne     Retail Liquor Store
Thank you very much for your all support, in (business for sale) our advertisement.  It was great experience and great response from people in last month.  In future within my friend circle if anybody wants to sell their business, I will strongly recommend your website.  I personally feel that there are lots of people are getting business details from your advertisement.  You are charging very reasonable amount for helping people.       Ministry approved Private career college
Thank you very much.  It was your great support and nice advices.  I will tell my friends to put ads on your website... if they ever have a business for sale.  Best regards,       Dairy route in the GTA (Toronto).
I am going to cancel my subscription to your Classified Ads as we have a potential buyer.  Thank you for your good service.       J. K. - Portable Sign Rentals - Alberta
I want to tell you that your service has been excellent and I have received several good leads for the business ..... I am very satisfied with your listing service.   D. P. (Barrie, Ont)


  Post it as SOLD .....  

    --- A Gem of a Pub - Excellent Opportunity ---
Hi Mike, We did manage to sell the pub and it was through your website.  So thanks for the excellent sales opportunity...  Business Sell Canada is a teriffic site.  Thanks again,   Teddy..
    --- Profitable import and wholesale clothing company ---
Yes sold, closing October 1st. We had lots of interest, and would recommend anybody selling their business to use your services. Thanks.   Coco..
    ---  Dental Handpiece Equipment Repair  ---
Thanks - it sold.  I had a lot of people contact me.  Well worth the investment   Joe P...
    ---  Very successful aircraft refueling business  ---
                ---  on beautiful Haida Gwaii  ---
Mike - the aircraft refueling business has Sold. Thanks for your help... Its a great place to advertise and a great price.  Thanks again.  Cheers   Tony A...
    ---  Great little Restaurant  ---
I want to thank you for the space you provided for me; and I will tell others about this web site because here is were I had most action. Thank-you.   D...
    ---  Healthy Home products online business  ---
We don't need to re-new, your service has been great. Mark it as sold.  Thanks .   J. B...
    ---  Molly Maid Franchise  ---
Our business has now been sold, due in no small part to your website.  Please post it as SOLD.  Thanks - GREAT SERVICE - GREAT PRICE.   Molly Maid Franchise
    ---  Family Restaurant  ---
Thanks you for renew proposal, but our business is sold, we sign the next week.  Thank you very much for your services through your very well done website.  We will refer you as often as we can.  We never would have sold our business without the assistance of your website.  Again thank you.   Bernard from B.C.


  Huge Response .....  

    --- Uniquely Canadian Gourmet Seasoning Manufacturer ---
We had loads of queries over the last few months, you have a very popular site indeed.   James M.
    ---  SW Ontario Campground for Sale  ---
Thank you Mike.  We had a huge response and will definitely recommend you to anyone we know wanting to sell a business.   J. F.
 --  Profitable accounting/bookkeeping practice  --
Please mark our listing as "Sold".  We had a huge response from our listing on your website.  We have and will continue to recommend it to anyone wanting to sell their business.  Please continue with the great service.   G.S. from BC
    ---  Electronics Manufacturing  ---
... we had an enormous response from your website. There were around 10 people interested and maybe 2-3 people who appeared to be very serious about purchasing the business.  I did not expect that type of response and I was very impressed !   James (Ont)
    ---  Preventative Maintenance Business  ---
Been a pleasure to have listed on your site.  I had a lot of action on the ad.  Take care and keep up the good work.  < SOLD >   Al
    ---  (from a seller who just listed)  ---
I wanted to mention to you that your site has generated a tremendous amount of interest. In one week, I have received over 2,000 hits. That is phenomenal. I have a few appointments set up and had many "tire kickers" contact me. Many thanks for a helpful site.


  Applause .....  

Thanks.. and by the way I have to applaud your service.  We got a reasonable response in quick time.  We will use it again as we have a fair amount of business interests within BC.   R. R. (B.C.)
Thank you for the awesome exposure - your site is awesome !!!!   Motivated in Kamloopps


  Sold to someone from out of town .....  

This message is to notify you that my ad number xxxx is sold:  "Fish 'n Chip restaurant in Kitchener"  Thank you so much for your website Mike.  My restaurant was sold to someone from out of town that found me through your site.  I will always promote your site in the future.  Thanks Again !!!   S.J. (Kitchener Ont.)


  Leaving for New York City ...  

Just wanted to let you know that I have sold my business.  I couldn't have done it without you and this wonderful service you provide.  I even sold it before I had to leave to NYC.   M.M. (Toronto)


  Wide audience ...  

Thanks Mike and thanks to Business Sell Canada and the system youíve set up I was able to reach a wide audience to sell my business.  Your service was easy to set up, modify, and offers a great medium for this type of sale.  I must mention as well your customer service, itís been top notch!  The proof is in the results --> SOLD.     Ken S. (B.C.)
Thank you Business Sell Canada, it was truly a great portal for me.  I will use this service in the future and I will definitely recommend it!  Thank you Mike.     Fashion College for Sale (Toronto)


  Retirement .....  

On behalf of myself and the rest of the family thanks for helping selling the business, my parents will finally enjoy a retirement.   Sylvain


  Walk on the beach .....  

Hi Mike,  We were very happy with the replies we got from your service, and will recommend it ...  So after Aug. 1st, we are really going to walk on the beach.  Cheers...   L.B. (Victoria B.C.)

... and many, many, more ...


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